About Pantum

Pantum is a newly created and vigorous printer brand with the mission to provide global printer users with reliable, affordable and environmental friendly printing solutions and services.

Pantum applies new ideas and concepts to create value-added laser printers and multi-function devices with robust features and environment concerns. Our printers are designed with sturdy printing engines that ensure a much longer working life and higher monthly workload than comparative products. Pantum printer’s environmental friendly design helps to create significantly less toner generated waste from the printing process, lower power consumption that protects our planet and eventually save our users’ total printing cost.

Our product line is focused on providing printing solutions for both consumer market and business market with single function laser printers, MFPs and color laser printers. Pantum’s new product development will move closely with the market trends and customer needs to be a one-stop printing solution provider.

With the simple vision of being a global leading printing solutions provider, Pantum targets to offer more flexible, lower cost and solid quality printing solutions for our users. Through our continuous technology innovations and creative marketing models with vertically integrated industry chains, we will continuously work to increase popularization of printing products and services and make them easily accessible to all users.


About Seine Technology

Seine Technology is a technology driven manufacturer for printers and printing supplies. Seine Technology’s innovations and new product developments have made us to be the first Chinese company to master and industrialize the independently developed laser printer technologies.

By taking the advantage of the vertically integrated industrial chain, Seine has established a completed production streamline covering printing components and raw materials, cartridge supplies and printing devices, which will help us to provide the market with most value performance products and solutions.

Under the strategic relationship with Legend Capital, Seine has experienced a fast growth in the past 5 years with business covering more than 80 countries/140 million end users and branch offices and distribution centers in China, USA and Europe. Seine is proud to be ranked 4th for most promising Chinese company in 2011 by Forbes.